"A man sees in the world 

what he carries in his heart"

How do we coach you?


1)  Distance coaching:

Your Lifestyle Coach is available 7/ 7. 

After we get to know you we can mentor you from distance : stay in the comfort of your own home, "zen" connect with us on line. 


2)  In person coaching:

Life Guidance or Healing Services are also available for people who can meet at a specific location. We do house calls.

Please e-mail for meet-up arrangement and directions.



WHAT will we do as a coach?


Our purpose is to help you find your own answers, reach your life goals and get the lifestyle you have always wanted . At the end you should be more apt to consistently win the life game you are in and you will be able to do just that once you consistently feel good and look good.  


        A)   FEEL GOOD

As your Life coach we will mentor you in the use of 

- self help and personal empowerment techniques

- the following natural Energy rehab techniques, which combine the best of the ancient (Wisdom) and   the modern (Technology): 

  • Bioenergetic rebalancing modalities based on the re-harmonization of your body subtle energy using Acupuncture concepts or mere reflex point stimulation and Chinese Herbology or Bach flower principles.

  • Food healing guidance:  

           . according to Macrobiotic principles (Yin vs Yang) 

           . according to Ayurvedic principles 

           . according to your acid-alkaline pH type. 

  • Homeopathy and related rebalancing modalities:  Homeopathy involves the balancing of Vital Force by working in harmony with the electromagnetic fields of the body through the intake of micro doses of diluted natural substances. 

These vital energy enhancing modalities are gentle and non-agressive, have no side-effects and do not negatively interfere with any conventional medical care. 

Their fundamental purpose and intent is to attempt to promote the body 's natural self defense and healing process in order to put your life back on the well-being and prosperity track . 

NOTICE: At the present level of the orthodox medical "knowledge", not all modalities above and herein mentioned are fully grasped/understood or considered scientifically proven; therefore they are not to be construed as substitutes to orthodox medical care which should always remain your primary call for help.


          B)   LOOK GOOD 

You look your best when you feel good. The bioenergetic rebalancing techniques mentioned above will help generate an outer radiance from your inner wellness attainment.

  In order to maintain your good look you should allow time to unwind from unavoidable daily stress by taking time to  RECENTER, RELAX and REBALANCE. 

 This will OPTIMIZE your most valuable asset : your well-being and your age-less appearance.



Feeling Good and Looking your best

are the two primary ingredients: you will be then able

to think right and to take the winning life decisions 

toward Freedom

             -Freedom from stress

             -Freedom from the past (for a better future)

and toward Peace 

            - Peace with yourself

            - Peace of mind 

 Freedom and Peace are the humble sources of all contentment .