If there is Beauty in character there will be Harmony in the home

If there is Harmony in the home there will be Order in the nation

If there is Order in the nation there will be Peace in the world


 "... extremely caring and competent .I feel that I am very fortunate to have known them"

                              Anna Maria L., Tampa  FL


"I cannot remember just how I got in touch with them, but over the years my health has been steadily improving. Without homeopathics and subtle energy healing I would not have been able to make it."

                             Lorna T., Minneapolis  MN


"Thank you for your patience, love and support. You are very special to us and we thank God that you are our lifestyle guides"

                   Anna & Charles C., Monroe  LA


"I am happy to report that my health is excellent, my life perspective changed for the better ... I most sincerely appreciate your assistance in helping me overcome that lingering condition ...."

                             Michael K., ST Paul  MN

"Your help was wonderful, my stress symptoms have completely cleared up... and my business is doing a whole lot better: that is a direct good result of your wise guidance..."

                             Marilyn J, EdenPrairie MN


"...Thank you for your help and support all along the years...I have grown quite a bit and now I am enjoying life .. really...."

                              Cisse J., Epinay, France

"Merci beaucoup pour vos excellentes suggestions..."

                             Maryline D., Paris,  France


" grateful for the results obtained; you made it so easy...."

                              Christine A., Tahiti