Who are we?


A graduate from the European medical school system (1977), we focused, since the late 80's, on naturopathic practices and a personal quest for inner peace along with pursuits of higher consciousness within the realm of Bioenergetics and Mind-Body-Spirit concepts.

 We can recall at this stage of our journey some 25 year experience in natural lifestyle guidance and personal growth mentoring.

Our karmic baggage had also lead us to extensively experience various cultural dimensions of this visible world : Asia, Europe, North and South America, the Caribbean and the Pacific islands.

In the US we have evolved the most while maintaining a long standing practice in the Land of the Ten Thousand Lakes.

Then came the world wide web which opened up even wider horizons such as the practice of on line coaching.

 A free, unconventional spirit, we have stayed true to ourself: in God and Jesus Christ of Nazareth we believe, in Love we trust.    


During our journey as an evolving Naturopath & Lifestyle Coach we did come across a few down-to-earth certification processes in non-orthodox holistic healing fields:

* Chinese Herbology & Acupuncture: 

     NCCAOM nationally certified in Acupuncture, USA

     NCCAOM nationally certified in Chinese Herbology, USA            

* Homeopathics: 

     DI.Hom, diplomate British Institute of Homeopathy, UK

     INHF certified: Institut National Homeopathique, FRA


* Nutritional supplementation: 

     National Institute for Nutritional Education 1997, USA


Yet, ever more from the Cosmic Intelligence is awaiting us all promising enlightment and peace.

And we shall know the truth, and the truth shall set us free (John: 8:32)